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night's sleep about energy drinks. but we were surprised to hear just how many people... wind up in the e-r, after drinking them! here's cbs reporter bigad shaban. >>> there have been a lot of warnings coming out about energy drinks. >> we were surprised to hear how many people lined up in the er after drinking them. >> reporter: energy drinks are super popular especially with young adults. >> gives me a boost. >> reporter: college junior, alan, works late nights at a restaurant he uses them to stay awake. >> during the middle of the shift, i will knock one down when i feel tired. >> reporter: they are landing more and more people in emergency. >> the first question i ask when i see a young person with rapid heart beat and anxiety, have you taken energy drinks. >> reporter: a report says er visits doubled in the last four years from about 10,000 to more than 20,000. doctors say those high doses of caffeine and other additives can cause a number of reactions. >> symptoms of taking a stimulant, nervousness, rapid heart rate, anxiety. >> reporte
. it is within our reach to lead in job growth and energy independence. it is within our reach to balance our budget and meet the needs of our people. our place, kan., must show the path, the difficult path for america to go in these troubled times. .. the and >> we and shannon >> thank you. >> that was governors sam brownback with the state of the state address. we now go to senator anthony headley for the democratic response to enact we have been talking that the string that we have time. we have talked about how i have a dream. we will somehow realizes principles and the declaration of independence. i think he was just inspired by that moment. >> sunday on "after words", clairborne carson recalls his march on washington. it is part of three days of the tv this weekend on monday featuring authors and books from the inauguration. president obama, and martin luther king jr. >> every weekend latest nonfiction authors and books are featured on booktv. you can see past programs and schedules our website and you can join in the conversation on social media sites. >> congress talked about avoiding
all of the work that are more than 100 scholars do here. those for priorities are energy and climate, opportunity and well being, managing global change, and growth through innovation. this is i think exactly the right moment to be having today's event. we are in a period of transition in our national leadership here in the capital, of course. we have a new treasury secretary, chief of staff coming in. we'll be having a new commerce secretary, labor secretary, and, of course, the 113th congress is settling in on capitol hill. the forum is going to address the issues of how to reinvigorate our economy, how to strengthen competitiveness, and how to create jobs. we're going to have three panels. the first on advancing industry and manufacturing. the second on deficit reform, and the third on improving government performance. the participants here today include brookings scholars, outside experts, and private sector representatives and leaders. our discussions will reflect a lot of the research that goes on here at brookings, and you will be able to find a number of examples of that rese
:46. the number of people sent to emergency rooms because of energy drinks has doubled in the past four years. now most of the 20,000 people that sought medical attention were young adults. energy drinks can cause a range of health problems including insomnia, nervousness, and fast heartbeat, and seizures. >>> the first of public meetings about area codes will hold the meeting at 2:00 p.m. in san francisco. a second meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. tonight. the cpuc is looking for public input about introducing new area code 628 to the current 415 region. all 415 numbers are expected to be used up. >>> some bay area commuters will receive celebrity treatment today during their bart and ferry rides. think complimentary massages and gourmet treats. representatives will be smoothing out the commute for people riding the golden gate ferries as well as at the powell and embarcadero and montgomery bart stations. i think i'll be going on the ferry. >> a massage on the way home from work sal, i wish i could take the ferry. those hours don't lend themselves. >> yeah you're going home to work and people are
, they say their product is safe but can they prove it? the dangers of those energy drinks. >>> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area weather center. we did have some warming today. temperatures dropping off right now 46 in livermore and also 50 in san francisco. we'll have more on that warming trend coming up and if you're thinking about the 49ers game this weekend in atlanta got some great weather for the game. also plenty of sunshine. it will feel like the bay area out on the field. i have your forecast and some warming coming up. >>> emergency visits involving energy drinks are happening more frequently. the number of people who need medical attention after drinking energy drinks doubled between 2007 and 011. energy drinks became more popular at convenience stores, bars, and on college campuses. most of the 20,000 cases involve teens and young adults. the survey says it forces them to go to the emergency room. >>> a word of warning tonight. you may want to think about how much caffeine you take in. more than 4,000 men found those who took in the most caffeine were more prone to
:00. >> thank you. >> still ahead, concerns about the caffeine and energy drinks and what those drinks could do to your body. >> workout gear claims to help you clim down while exercising. >> and one of your best options for making or receiving calls or texts when >>> checking healthy living news, government research finds nu bzh of;l) emergency rm visitses tied to energy drinks doubled since twe. a survey shows most of the cases involve teenagers or young adult was half telling doctors they downed just one energy drink. the report does not specify which symptoms landed people in the er but calls consumption a rise in public health problem that's can cause elevated heartbeat and insomnia. >> a review of research by the institute of medicine found the current childhood vaccine schedule is safe. the organization says following the complete ked you'll is stronger associated with reducing prer preventable diseases. typical american child received 24 immunizations by age two. parents of children on the autism spectrum believe vaccines led their children's disorder. scientific evidence, though, disp
contest await the arrival of the surfers and the waves. >> the energy in the swell is going to be ferocious and we are going to see these guys put to the test. >> reporter: because a monster wave injured spectators and took down contest tents in 2010, law enforcement changed the rules. no speculators are allowed to the beachfront. they must watch on big screens set up at the main viewing area at the oceana holt or online. >> you don't even vert -- hotel or online. >> you don't even have to leave to watch it. >> they're surfing jaws today on maui the same swell that's coming here. >> we're preparing for the big crowds, but you never know. >> reporter: the sheriff's sergeant said all hands will be on deck this weekend. an estimated 30,000 people could be in town to watch the maverick surf contest, but the 49ers game makes the size of sunday's crowd hard to predict. >> it is that unknown factor. they could be at a 49er party or they could be here. >> reporter: because of the new rules spectators may want to plan ahead. parking this year will be restricted and tickets will b
% wanting looser gun laws. >>> the new report that highlights the dangers of energy drinks. >> plus, crossing the line. the florida teen arrested for giving a wedgie. >> and forget unreally fans. the soccer mess that got some four-legged interference. coming up. during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, get free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry, the special financing offer ends martin luther king, jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train. superior service best selection lowest price guaranteed. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> 5:12. welcome back. we're going to check the roads now. >> we do that with elizabeth. take it away. >> all right. thanks, guys. we'll go out towards the bay bridge where we learn they just picked up some overnight roadwork. there were only a couple of lanes on the incline section over night. th
his full energies to coming up with what he will be a just decision. >> before today's hearing, a small group of naked protesters gathered in front of the courthouse, arguing what they wear or don't wear should not be up to the city or county lawmakers. >>> they are promising some answers. the board of the pilot commissioners says it will make a recommend decision within 90 days regarding that tanker that crashed into the bay bridge. the board met this morning and said they had a statement from the pilot of the overseas raymar within 48 hours. the spokesperson said they don't have any reports that the pilot may have changed course at the last minute. they're also gathering information on the weather conditions that day. fog was thick and visibility was limited to about half a mile. the tanker was empty at the time. in 2007, a ship hit the bridge also in heavy fog, spilling more than 50,000 gallons of oil into the bay. >>> it's been called the super bowl of surfing and is just three days away. scott budman is here with a company that is offering you an upclose view of the action
home to talk but he declined to talk. >> reports say energy secretary chu will leave the cabinet post after being criticized for defending the $500 million federal loan to solyndra, the second term cabinet replacements of typical. he earned the ph.d. in physics from berkeley and ran the laboratory. he has a nobel prize in physics if work on cooling and trapping of atoms with light. the former head of major hedge fund is widely believed to be obama's next choice to replace chu. >> spiking of the president, there is plenty of excitement building for the second inauguration among former music promotor who calls the bay area house, housekeeper has attended seven inaugurations dating back to nixon in 1972 and seen carter, reagan and clinton sworn in and president obama four years ago. he was recruited at the last minute to plan a second carter inaugural ball in 1977 for an overflow crowd. >> they said, can you help? we need to put together another ball and they used an underconstruction train station and they said what do you want and i asked if they could fly my mom in so show good a good
, the waves are coming from further away so the energy in the swell will be ferocious. >> an estimated 40,000 people will pack into the coastal town, the ocean hotel is booked solid, a wedding, viewing for the mavericks festival outside and viewing for the 49ers game inside. >> there will be food and drinks and everything is available to watch on the gem bow tron. >> is it exciting to have it back? >> it is. it's is sad that it was not here for the last couple of years. >> the public is being kept off the coastline, roads will be closed but with the cameras on the boards, the view will be great. >> it's a beautiful thing when mavericks comes to town. it's nature at its best, it's the world's best athletes putting their skills to the test. gli spoke with the director of the chamber of commerce and i asked her, what is the impact of having this competition bab and she said it's hard to put a value on it. to have people watching or in town from places like south africa and australia, she said often times they end up coming back throughout the year. >>> some of the waves could be 30-40 feet t
and jet kiss on stand by. >> the energy in the swell is going to be ferocious and we're going to see these guys put to the test. training, experience, wave knowledge, and ability. >> the county sheriff's department says the plan is to keep spectators away from the water. the beach where spectators were knocked down in 2010 is off limits. >> he's urging the city to hire outside consultants including the former los angeles police chief. protess toed sounding off at tuesday's meeting of the public safety committee. they argue that he will bring tactics to oakland. the mayor strongly supports hiring him but reaffirmed that racial profiling will not be tolerated in oakland. >> in the south bay, a who's who will gather tonight to honor moore. she retiring after 27 years at the department and two years as chief. moore says he decided to retire early when city leaders decided against put a half cents sales tax on the november ballot that would have helped fund the department. >> the president of the university of california is re- signing at the end of august. he is facing health issues. he
in the reelection campaign so it was a welcome surprise. >> reporter: he notes climate and energy reform failed three years ago when democrats controlled congress. >> it is hard to imagine this congress really approving aggressive legislation on the climate issue. >> people notice global changes and controlling carbon emissions are so important citizens should speak up. >> voice opinion so our congressmen will push for it. >> if everybody does a little bit it could be done. i am not sure you could do much in four years. >> with the civil rights movement it took generations. >> reporter: with eyes on the prize he says america should focus on innovation. the bay area could lead the world. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. >>> hundreds of people road the bay area freedom train on its journey from san jose to san francisco. >> 15-mile long trip commemorates the march led by martin luther king, jr. in 1965. >> really important for kids to know how far we have come. i decided to bring my daughters to see the memorial. >> freedom. just trying to be hopeful for
was not completely honest during this confession. >>> the new evidence that energy drinks can be very bad for your health. >>> westbound 237 the traffic here still not stop and go. Ñç5xñóÑmñz?cç?çÑkÑkÑe- >>> welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:43. late last night oakland's public safety committee approved a controversial crime fighting plan during a chi yachtic meeting. this plan would inclue hiring former los angeles police chief william bratton as a consultant. they believe he would bring a racist crime fighting program to the streets of oakland. the full city council will vote on all of this next week. >>> in just hours from now president obama will outline his proposals for reducing gun violence. among other things the president is expected to call on congress to ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. >>> many boeing 787 flights around the world are grounded including those going out of mineta airport. japan's two biggest airlines grounded their entire dream liner fleet after a bur
of the earnings reports and economic news coming in. >>> time now 6:52. about those energy drinks an alarming new study. what some scientists are saying now. about whether the drinks are good for you. >>> plus new developments in a dramatic rescue we've been watching. a woman stuck between two walls in portland, oregon. take a look at the rescue going on right now. >>> time now 6:55. the following new developments portland, oregon fire crews live pictures trying to rescue a woman trapped between two walls. those are concrete walls in the past 30 minutes they have made progress. they used a saw. they cut a hole through that concrete wall. you can see them reaching through now. the woman has been trapped behind there since 3:45 this morning. reportedly she fell off a balcony, got stuck in a foot and a half space between the wall of a building and parking garage. we are keeping an eye on this rescue happening in portland, oregon. we'll bring you another update in 15 minutes. >>> the number of people sent to emergency rooms because of energy drinks has doubled. that is according to a new study over f
, emergency rooms are busy these days seeing people who have consumed energy drinks. the number of people going to the hospital due to energy drinks doubled from 2007 to 2011. the government reports most of the cases involve teenagers and young adults. the report says the drinks can cause insomnia, nervousness, headache, rapid heart beat, and seizures. >>> there's apparently a connection between fast food and health problems in children and teens, a worldwide study found teenagers who ate fast food three times or more per week have a 39% higher risk of severe asthma. among younger children, the risk was raised by 27%, but eating three or more helpings of fruit cut the asthma problem by more than 10%. >>> the man largely responsible for bringing major league hockey to the bay area has died. george gunn iii passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. he and his brother gordon gave up their stake in the minnesota north stars in 1990 for the rights to establish an expansion team in san jose, that team became the sharks. he continued to attend games
: there's a different kind of energy in the city already, a whole lot of out of towners arriving for the inaugural festivities this weekend. i interviewed people from san jose, california, to miami, florida, and several places in between and let me tell you they are ready to party. the doors hadn't even opened yet and people were already lining up outside blues alley in georgetown to hear dawn and group in vogue perform. their shows are sold out which is one reason operations director chris ross is loving this inauguration weekend already. >> we had some people came in last night late and they're like we're here from chicago for the inauguration. let's party. so it's starting. >> reporter: this is the first stop on an action packed cross- country odyssey for george nawatha from san jose, california, who is looking forward to the public swearing in ceremony monday. >> i couldn't miss it this time because this was a great opportunity for it to come around again. so i couldn't miss it for anything. >> reporter: these two friends met while working on president obama's campaign four
but ammunition, as well. >> there's an unprecedented amount of energy on this issue. >> reporter: energy that's being channeled into state bills targeting stricter gun laws here in california. there are already two bills focusing on ammunition sales. [ indiscernible ] has introduced a bill to require permits for people who want ammo. then you can buy ammo. >> reporter: the business sb53 just introduce -- the bill, sb53, just introduced would apply the same regulations to bullets purchases as to guns. currently you can buy ammunition in most parts of the state without anyone reporting sales or requiring an id. >> what we have seen if the local level in california is that cities like sacramento and los angeles have done local recordkeeping ordnances on ammunition and when they looked at the records, convicted criminals were walking into shops buying ammunition no questions asked. that's a serious public safety issue that needs to be addressed in california. >> there's no id check for bullets. people who sell bullets don't have to be licensed. so we need reas
has been colder than average, what pg&e says about energy usage. tanker that hit the bay bridge. the pilot made a turn just before passing under the bridge. it clipped a talent causing millions of dollars in damage. our media partner reports the pilot planned to follow the yellow line. but forwów83 some reason changed lanes to cross near the red line on the map. >> san francisco board of supervisors has voted to ban smoking at outdoor fess values and parades. the vote came in just about past hour, block party woz not be subject to the ban. proponents say police will not be pa patrolling but depending on pier pressure and a campaign to keep people from lighting up. if the ban÷$y gets final approv, it could take affect in time for the chinese new year's parade in february. >> new video of facebook's new search feature. >> it allows users to search social connections for information about which friends share interests. it will help users who want to scroll through fotors friends have taken let's say in paris or search for tv shows. the ceo says the searc]qn feature is privacy awa
: boeing picked lithium batteries for its dreamliners. >> they store a lot of energy in a small volume and light weight. they were able to use more battery electricity. >> reporter: here is the danger. from march of 1991 to last year, 132 batteries got fire. those batteries are tiny compared to the dreamliners. >> it is a risky proposition. >> reporter: impurities caused many fires and rapid charging and discharging creates problems. >> can cause over heating and failure. >> reporter: we asked passengers if they would fly on the dreamliners once it is recertified to fly. >> i would still get on if they cleared it for flight. >> they are competent, they know what they are doing and they will identify all the things in there. >> as long as it is corrected i think people will feel safe. >> reporter: he remains wary. >> i wouldn't put them in airplanes. >> reporter: till we know the cause we won't know if they could be trusted where you can't pull over to the side of the road. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a tuition hike can be avoided under governor jerry brown's new budget. they we
noticed i had a lot more energy in my second debate. i was well rested after a long nap i had in the first debate. the next 100 days my partners and i will be so successful that even john boehner will consider becoming a democrat. after all, we have something else in common he is a person of color. [laughter] although not a color that appears in the natural world. lalolnobody is happier or more proud to put this birth for cert to rest in an adult. that is because we can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter like where are biggie and tupak a /(singing) i am so in love with you. >> that is the most persistent fly. >> that was great. >> and absolutely. this seven day forecast. >> we will see you at 11:00 p.m..
fighting islamic militants in mali. meanwhile, foreign energy companies in algeria have started evacuating workers and increasing security. >>> it took only 10 minutes of repeated questioning by the san jose police department to force a mother to finally come clean about her child's attempted kidnapping. >> can you explain what happened? >> that's a mother refusing to answer questions. the woman originally claimed a man tried to grab her 3-year- old daughter from her arms in the front yard of her home. she told police that it happened at her home on dayo court and now investigators say it's a big lie. >> there's anger with the amount of resources not only for our detectives trying to solve limit crimes. >> i was angry. she put us through a lot of anxiety. >> police say the mother does have a criminal record which made them focus on her during the ordeal. lying to police is a misdemeanor. >>> lance armstrong has now admitted he used performance- enhancing drugs during his cycling career. as juliette goodrich tells us, armstrong is also explain
energy companies say they are trying to make sure that other workers in the region remain safe. >>> according a -- according to a new toll, the nra is more popular in the u.s. than the entertainment industry. the poll by the "washington post" showed that 41% of americans sees the nra in a positive life as opposed to 34%. >>> gun sales are surging nationwide. some gun stores are running out of military-style assault weapons. since the current debate, many gun storeowners say their sales have more than doubled. the demand for assault weapons are so high, people say they want to buy assault weapons now in case they are banned later. >>> there is a warning about a scam involving gift cards that you can buy at grocery stores. mr. is say thieves have been -- police say thieves have been switching out bar cards on the cards. once someone guys the -- once swine buys the card and that cash goes to the thieves gift cards. so far, no one has come forward to say they've been victimized. >>> some angry san francisco apartment tenants are calling their landlord a slum lord. they say apartmen
because of battery fires. >> when they are charging an the energy is released slowly as they are supposed to, the batteries have a very good safety record, but if it is released quickly, the contents will be released and have the potential for explosion. >> the manufacturing will continue while the selling is on hold. al panel overseeing safety is announcing plans to discuss the safety of the airliner. >>> tsa will no lodger use controversial body scanners that show a nude image of fliers. tsa officials say the oakland and san jose airports should be removing the scanners by june. >>> ktvu has obtained a copy of a suit you may recall pictures were taken of a bruise on the arm and reporting allegations to the police. the suit has been called sad and will be dismissed. >>> mark udoff is stepping down from the uc s. he has overcome health issues and is changing his lifestyle. he is planning to return to uc berkley to teach law. no word on his replacement. >>> more freshmen are applying to college. all nine uc campuses saw an increase. for the first time, uc officials are saying that latino a
is for peaceful energy purposes only. >>> pakistan's prime minister a wanted man. today the country's supreme court ordered his arrest for corruption. he's accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes if exchange for approval of two major power plants. this could cause chaos in a politically unstable country. raj? >>> thank you, janelle. >>> property crimes on the rise in california and prison realignment may be partially to blame. in 2011 the supreme court ruled california must reduce the state prison population by sending criminals to county jails. some law enforcement officials say that some counties lock up criminals for shorter periods or put them under house arrest. >> the alternatives were not good. there was no good solution. only varying degrees of bad. unfortunately that which many have anticipated and predicted would take place has taken place and i don't see any end in sight. >> governor brown recently announced a plan to fight the federal government in court over its prison realignment mandate. >>> one of the world's biggest retailers is pledging to hire veterans returning fro
is the fog and the cool temperatures causing black ice. upper 50's today to low 60's. energy the sunshine. >> the worst commutes of the morning is bay bridge early stall incline section long gone but backup through the macarthur maze and that again is a stall that has thinged jammed up. carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze is 25 minutes. at the bay bridge not including the backup from the toll plaza and up and over into san francisco, 18 minutes and add another ten and the alternate san mateo bridge is 17-minute drive. >> take the helicopter! captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >>> good morning, america. breaking right now -- a military operation is under way to free american hostages. conflicts and contradicting accounts right now about efforts at natural gas facility overseas. held by this man, he's called mr. marlboro. >>> whiteout. a frigid winter blast on track to hit the northeast today. what's behind the wild swings in weather. sam champion is tracking the latest. >>> hoax and heartbreak. a college football superstar sweetheart died just hour before a big notre dame ga
in energy costs. >> we have suffered through the cold but there is no shortage of solar power. >> it has been sunny. >> most of us were in the 60's yesterday. all of us are in the 60's today. good morning, everyone. because we have this stagnant air that is warming we still have the possibility of poor air quality especially in the north bay moving through san francisco and all the way down the peninsula to san mateo bridge. eastbound, south of san mateo bridge and in the santa clara valley you going to have better air quality but we are in this together so everyone has to not burn wood today. here is a look at the jet stream and you can see the moisture creeping up from the south so we could have a few high clouds and the moisture will leave more fog in the overnight hour and warmer temperatures overnight as air with more moisture in it does not cool as quickly as dry air. so it is cold this morning, we are mainly in the 30's and as we head to noon, mid-to-upper 50's and low 60's during the afternoon hours and headed out this friday evening, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's and mid
is excited and the energy is very electrifying. you can just feel it, so i love it. >> reporter: inauguration planners distributed 250,000 tickets and expect more than twice that to pack the national mall. >> we've been planning for many, many months to have a robust crowd management plan in place regardless of the crowd size. >> reporter: california congressman mike honda gave up about 200 tickets through a lottery and a writing contest. >> sharing with us some ideas how we can improve this country and the government. >> reporter: this group won tickets through senate majority leader harry reid's lottery. >> i was ecstatic. so i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: not only are people from all over the country in to witness history with the presidential inauguration, we talked to people who drove 10 hours from canada to the nation's capital. >> it's a huge honor for us. >> reporter: these two toronto police officers are here with a drill team from michigan to take part in the inauguration parade. >> this is a world event. so for us to be able to come here and be part of it an
into the weekend. the energy gets focused closer to pillar point. waves could be topping 30 feet as we head into sunday morning. ideal conditions great weather conditions for the surf contest and for the entire bay area. coming up we'll take a closer look at your weekend outlook coming up in a few ktvu for continuing coverage. news chopper 2 will be flying over mavericks sunday morning. our coverage begins with mornings on two. and you can watch all of it online on ktvu.com or use our mobile app. >>> caltrans announced they will begin the fender line on the golden gate bridge. caltrans has allocated $3 million for the repair work. the project is expected to last 4-1/2 months. an oil tanker sideswiped the fender early last week causing that damage. >>> the 49ers aren't taking a championship victory for granted. >> it seems like our football team is determined. >> their strategy to overcome overconfident. >> a skewers rescued after an avalanche. the mistake he doesn't want anyone else to make. >> coming up in 90 seconds. attracting campers and criticism. >> i don't think it's a real great ide
this energy at bay. but it is not going to hold it much longer. that is why we will be dry with showers in the forecast. we are waking up with high clouds, with frost inland and low 40's for everyone else. we will have mid to up 50's and back in the mid-to-upper 40's at 7:00 with increasing clouds overnight. i don't see any frost in the forecast tomorrow, with showers in north bay possible, and 50's and 60's but dry on thursday and friday. sue? >> good morning, everyone, c.h.p. giving update on the location of the stalled because. it is northbound 101, the connection ramp, to northbound 280 in san jose. it is blocking the right lane. there are 30 people on board. they are trying to get the stall out of there with a tow truck and another bus to get folks where they need to go. northbound 880 at first, reports of a tree blocking lanes and c.h.p. is likely not giving us further details. we think it is a christmas tree. north 101, the left lane is blocked until 6:00 because of road work. san jose, 87 northbound a live shot with few cars headed northbound beyond h.p. pavilion. traffic is mov
miles out, at least the energy that will help to produce that. by some of these models as we head into saturday, the swells will start to increase. then by sunday, that's when it looks like the swells will peak out with mavericks now on sunday. wave heights right now small. only 3 to 4 feet. that's it. winds not very strong, north at nine miles per hour. as we head into sunday, we're looking at swells anywhere from 20 to 35 feet. and very long duration. 20 to 25 seconds. we're going to see these swells. it's going to be very dangerous to all swimmers and boaters. so best advice would be to leave these waves up to the experts. mavericks festival held off the coastline. temperatures in the upper 40s on sunday at 8:00 a.m. clear skies by 1:00 p.m. we'll be pushing numbers close to 70 degrees. for today, we did have a lot of warming out here even for the south bay. that was one of the warmest across the bay area. santa teresa popped up to 66. 64 in san jose and that 66 in santa teresa was one of the warmest days since december 11th. that's how long it has been since we've seen tempera
to take the energy from the president's reelection campaign and turn it into support for his priorities. first they will encourage supporters to push congress on president's supporters for tougher gun control. scalpers that will try to make a profit on the inauguration tickets will be blocked from craigs list and e-bay. he's in charge of the congressional inauguration committee. now according to the committee, some scalpers have already posted tickets at prices asking for thousands of dollars. some 250,000 tickets were given away for free to the public from congressional offices. ktvu will have live coverage of president obama's inauguration beginning sunday. ktvu tori campbell and ken will be at washington, d.c. for us. look for their live reports beginning on morning on 2s. >>> let's check in with sal. >> good morning, dave and pam. we're looking pretty good here. i don't want to sound too optimistic because things start to change in the 6:00 hour. right now as we see 880 north and southbound it looks pretty good. we don't have a lot of problems reported. sometimes we'll just take the
with a good energy, character and that is what it is all about we believe in each other and we know what we need to do. >> this feels great to have your family together. and be part of such a great victory. >> and the san francisco 49ers everytime i see how confident he is. and he is 30 years old. and it was fantastic. it really was cool. if, the entire failing. the entire family. >> yes. >> we've brought it to back together when there was a transition. but it really did have a great feeling. and to see if we do it again >> absolutely. >> amazing. >> to jump on the >> i like the 49ers. . >> that is what kron likes. anyway, harbaugh vs harbaugh. the first time in years that they have been back. they won the super bowl. ray lewis was the mvp. brady was just not a very good. in 2011, the first time in history that they ever met in and n f l came. the second time-and history --. and now, the 49ers, the alex smith. baltimore have a victorious ending. and here they go. >> i got only one half of the coaching experience that he does. >> i am very proud of my brother. that is the blessing part. >> i
. talk about an energy boost! >> whew! >>> wood-burning ban tomorrow for the fourth straight day. coming up, the bay area county leading the pack in spare the air pollution. >> those spare the air days are because of a big dome of high pressure that's giving you all that sunshine, mild temperatures. here's a peek outside in the south bay. how long is that high and the sunshine sticking around? there is an end in sight. i'll let you know when, coming up. >> the giants reach a deal with their mvp. and colin kaepernick and the 49ers have left the building. we'll take you to atlanta, coming up in sports. california's jobless rate isn't budging. als said the >>> well, california's jobless rate isn't budging. today, state officials said the unemployment remained at 9.8% last month. that's the same as november. 1.8million californians were unemployed in december. the field showing the biggest job gains, construction, technology and educational services. >>> attention spare the air scoff flaws, and you know who you are! the police are after you. and
in front of him on issues like energy and climate change. and of course on guns which is an issue that events have pushed to the forefront. he's going to have a rough time getting that priority through the congress. >> you mention immigration being one of those big-ticket items, of course, health care was the signature big-ticket item of the first term. what else is on the list this time around? >> well, he's got immigration, he's got overseeing the implementation of the health care law which, of course, hasn't really fully taken effect. he's got energy and climate which is really the big undone story from the first term. he did not get that cap and trade bill. and he's not going to get it which means he's going to he is going to have to turn to regulatory and executive authority to achieve some of his goals there. and because of newtown, and other events, he has seen priorities change, and he laid out an agenda that will be difficult to achieve. that's why he is also trying to use executive authority as much as he can. >> how much time is there to achieve an agenda? is it really
developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them. ...it's my job to look after it. ♪ >>> well, still cold for some. 20s to almost 50 degrees depending upon your location. it will be mostly sunny in the morning and then a lot of high clouds filter in today. last mild day. tomorrow it looks like rain returns. >> thank you, steve. >>> prince harry is returning home after a five-month deployment in afghanistan. he served as gunner in an apache helicopter. >> it wasn't done in the wrong way, it was just -- >> prince harry was stationed with a simple bunk and a phone while he was there, he did learn his sister-in-law, the duchess of cambridge, is expecting a baby. >> seems very unfair that they were forced to publicize it when they were. but that's just the media for you. i only hope she gets the necessary protection for her to enjoy the privacy that that comes with. >> now, when asked prince harry said he di
, energy. the three of us care very much about that. and just other ideas to make sure that our workers are trained for the jobs that are available today. >> senator, things have to change? >> they do. i think that the american people are really tired of the partisan gridlock in washington. they want us to take a more pragmatic, less ideological approach to the issues. they want us to sit down negotiate and actually solve problems. >> senator heitkamp you are a new member to the senate. along with that are 100 new women in congress. what's that like being part of this class of a record number of women? >> women are half the population. this is a pretty important job. it's something that needs to be done and we have to draw on the entire talent pool of america and half that talent pool is women. and so until we see equal representation, i think we haven't really tapped all the human resources of american. >> but the problem is not that women aren't getting elected in the same rate as men. it's that women aren't running. why is that? >> that is so true. women tend to
? >> it boosts your immune system and gives you energy. >> mustard, is there an advantage to mustard? >> there actually is. it helps with aches and pains. make a paste out of it, rub it on your sore muscles. >> you are making that up sh. >> i am not. >> you like pork as opposed to chicken? >> nice alternative. i look for tenderloin because really, truly, you can't mess it up. you brown these pork tenderloins, pound each in the pan, get a nice, golden color. >> whoa! and you drop it on your co-host over here. >> sorry, it slipped. put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minute until it's nice and tender inside. >> okay. >> and then what you do is in the same pan, we'll lower the heat a little bit so you don't get covered. start with a little bit of honey. go ahead and do that. dump it all in there with shallots. little garlic, shallots, honey, mustard, red wine vinegar, couple of tablespoons and a little bit of white wine. we're basically going to cook this down for a couple of minutes until it thickens slightly. you get sort of a sweet and tangy sauce. which i happen to love. you fi
appearing disinterested during the interrview. try to maintain good energy throughout. answering a phone call or a text can be a major turnoff to a potential employer. try to silence your device before you go in. dressing inappropriately can also make or break an interview. so can talking negatively about a current or former employer. the best way to avoid these pitfalls, careerbuilder says, is to prepare for the interview ahead of time. research the company so you have plenty to talk about with the hiring manager and think about the questions that might be asked, so how you can answer them >> pam: 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is on the cover of the most recent issue of sports illustrated the caption says "holy" and below that a mug shot of jim harbaugh with the words, also, kaepernicking... >> good evening, everybody. if you cannot see de caption cd-caption it says "shout it from the mountain top jim, you were dead on about colin kaepernick." we are taking you back one year ago before the nfc championship. alex smith and co., with people on their hands, is there a jinx? i can tell
tuesday. today's winners will enjoy the monster energy ama super cross races. one viewer will win a four pack for january 26th at the oakland coliseum. you can watch the world's greatest riders. for your chance to win to go ktvu.com before midnight and put in the secret word "races." >>> all right. one more time we want to check in with sal for an update on the breaking news, the pedestrian hit and killed in cupertino. this accident happened just after 7:00 this morning. our newschopper is there near the corner of foothill and silver oak. this is the nearest big vote is foothill and stevens creek boulevard. it does look like some of the traffic is affected in both directions. one direction here is completely shut down as police do their investigation. the big rig at the bottom, hit and killed a -- what is reportedly an elderly woman trying to cross the street at that location. you see the yellow tarp there. police say they will be on the scene for a while investigating. it will be delayed in this area. there's no time of opening for when this will be cleared up. >>> let's move along and
hard to answer. and you think about the amount of time and energy it would take to pull off this hoax, to be on the phone, to have someone be on the phone that wasn't his friend because he would have recognized his voice, presumably. to send all these messages, the letters that he supposedly sent her, or that she sent him before every football game. all of these things to pull this off. he would not have been able to have his own life because he would have been consumed being this fake woman that was manti te'o's girlfriend. that's why i think a lot of people are suspicious when te'o says he had no idea and he was just the sucker in this because, you know, why would somebody go to such great lengths to hoax him like this? >> as somebody who led this investigation, do you believe that manti te'o was not at all complicit in this hoax? >> i think that there are some questions about when he became aware of it. >> we expect to hear from manti te'o soon, perhaps as soon as today. what questions, then for you, do you need manti te'o to answer? >> i want to know if he told his father this mad
agenda outside the confines of the white house and seek to harness the energy from his reelection campaign into support for legislation. >> the nonprofit work on key legislative battles, train future leaders and local issues around the country. >> lance armstrong admitted in an interview with oprah winfrey that he used performance enhancing drugs to win the tour de france. sang their his decisions and his mistake, armstrong said he could not of one race seven times without the drugs. >> the confession follows a decade of the nile's by armstrong, who was stripped of his titles in the wake of u.s. anti-dumping agency report last october. >> he also lost nearly all the sponsors and left a live a strong kantor charity founded in 1997. >> armstrong was certain that his fate was sealed and his longtime friend and training partner george hin capie was forced to give him up to antidumping up '40's. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news the boeing 787 dreamliner remains grounded this morning. we will talk about the boeing's future plans for the jet. >> and, the colorado movie theater or
of their time, their energy and their money to serving others. do you think this is something that crosses all generations? in other words, are people your age and even younger getting involve involved as much as perhaps some older americans are? >> oh, absolutely. you know, all of the studies show that younger americans, the so-called millennials are actually more engaged than older generation. it appears we're becoming even more generous as we move into the 21st century, particularly in donating our time, which is one of the reasons why i'm so enthusiastic about the national day of service on saturday not only being our largest national day of service ever but hopefully a renewed commitment to service in our country. >> i love it in my kids' school they talk about it, in schools across the country. what can parents do, in your opinion, to set a better example for children in this area? >> well, matt, i think what you were just talking about, encouraging our schools, our faith communities, our community centers to make opportunities available to children so that children grow up thinking of s
briefly touch on the energy out there compared to four years ago? >> well, i wasn't here four years ago and i was talking to people that were. they said still a lot of buzz and he can sitement. that is pretty typical for a second term. it is still expected to be 600, 800,000 people here. a fourth or third of four years ago. >> and it is better, the weather, than four years ago. so we are not complaining. >>> we will check back with you a little bit later on in "mornings on 2". >>> just about an hour ago, president obama and vice-president joe biden attended a wreath layinging at the cemetery -- a we will laying at the cemetery. >>> high surf advisory is in effect at bay area beaches. it will continue through this afternoon. swells between seven and 10 feet are expected. some will reach up to 0 feet. beach goers and fishermen are told to use caution. alex savidge is live at half moon bay with the extreme surfing set to start an hour from now. good morning, alex. >> reporter: well, that's right we are here at pillar point harbor in half moon bay. i talked with one of the competitors. he i
butter contains healthy fat, sustained energy, wards off those mid-morning diet-wrecking munchies and the apples have fiber to help us fill up on pure calories. and i added a sprinkle of cinnamon. >> also a good antioxidant. >> exactly. >> over here, poe ttatoes for lunch. >> yes. >> potatoes have had a bad rap over recent years. >> they have. >> they're a good dieters food. >> yes researchers suggest it may help promote the burning and shrinking of fat cells. what we put on the potato is important, too. >> all the difference in the world. >> italian style loaded baked potato. warm and cheesy, comforting. protein from the cottage cheese here and a little veggie with our marinara sauce, spinach. and all we're going to do is kind of mix that together here. we've already baked the potato in the microwave for about four minutes or so. and we just top it here. and then we're just going to actually sprinkle a little cheese and you can add a lily talian sauce. >> microwave that? >> another minute. that's all it takes. >> by the way, the sheetsa so good. is this salmon? >> this is salmon.
decade, i've seen the generous support, both personal, financial, time, energy of million millions of people who have been touched by cancer. and that's what this organization is all about. lance decrcreated it before he won the tour. lance gave us this platform. and it's our responsibility and our opportunity to take this forward. >> because you've known him for so long and because you are the guy who has to run this foundation, can you look me in the eye and say that even before you heard the words coming out of his mouth last night, you didn't already know the truth? >> well, matt, what i can tell you is that i knew in october. when that report came out, it was pretty clear to the world what had happened. and hearing it last night again was very difficult. >> and even before october, did you have very, very strong suspicions that, in fact, all the allegations were true? >> you know, i think the intensity over the last year, as it picked up, you know, did thoughts wander into my mind? of course. but october was the point in time when i think we all came to that realization. >> yo
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